Food industry is on crisis since the appearance of supermarkets.

The ones we live in place where street markets are still an

important core of the city still keep some skills on how to identify fresh and good products. Although this cultural heritage doesn´t cover meat, because meat was not traditionally abundant and the animals use to be killed at home.

Meat industry created a detachment of people and the animals. One has no idea on how animals look like, alive how to know if they fresh, properly cured or what was the state of life of those animals.

This project rethinks the meat industry chain based on rabbit-breeding. It creates an imaginary scenario where meat and fur are sold together, therefore the shopper has a clear indicator of the animal quality. Through research and examination I concluded better fur-better life-better meat.

Thinking on selling the fur at the same time reconsiders the whole chain, improving the quality of feeding, living, contact among animals, killing process, skinning and relocate the use of fur in other scenario.


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