8# Materialized

I collect and study physical properties, advantages, sustainability and ways of manufacture of all kinds of materials and since 2012 I have been digitalizing textures from fabrics, woods, stones, rubbers, etc.… materials commonly used to design new products for the coming market.

A new material can be a great innovation or a target for a trend twist, the market obsession of making things with new, flashy, and unexpected materials puts me in a very uncomfortable position as a researcher. This project is a conceptual way to study the intertwined relationship between materials, object and innovation.

When the industry says “makes it beautiful”, it means to make it accessible, eye catching and therefore consumable. Change the material, the color and the basic appearance means to design for a quick obsolescence.

Through the years, this had become part of my language. By now, I have done three projects related to the materiality of new products.

2012: Impossible products

2015: Lamps_ forgoing sketches of “authorship 2016”

2017: Beautiful Barcelona

The lasts project of this series is Beautiful Barcelona, which is taking the city as a product to be designed, sold, and redesigned for a very never stop audience, which is the tourism.

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