#11 Materials Fancine

Sefrou fanzine is a visual collection of outstanding materials and process of the Moroccan area of Sefrou.

It´s a very intuitive compilation of materials, textures and colors. It aims to give a view on the richness and value of local materials.

Every time that I´m in such a rich environment, I wonder how can we carry this richness to the future without faking/staging and preserving the cultural and historical value. The relationship between traditional materials and the idea of progress has always been difficult. Homogenization and globalization tend to standardize the path.

This fanzine is an example of my continuous need of researching, archiving and documenting materials, processes, functions, solutions and forms that have been working for centuries and inevitably are being crushed by the illusion of progress.

It is on sale at Printed Matters, New York and It is part of the Sefrou’s public library



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