Cris Noguer.

Heritage, 2022

Taking what I inherited, feeling those don’t connect with my values, those objects didn’t simbolize anything good, just what used to be done. I melt everything down, trying to make something new. Since I can’t take the materials back where they used to belong, I projected to do something sophisticated, a new ring hiding the stones underneath, a way to fix, reshape, my relationship with the idea of father.

The melting was easy, but the shaping resisted. The material didn’t get into shape, no molding, no melting, no nothing! I end up hammering it down until it got into a kind of “ring shape” and I located the diamonds where I could or where it let me.

The process took me through accepting what’s there, accepting where I come from and accepting its tightness and rightness, at the same time finding its brittleness. Indecipherable white gold, unknown alloy, unknown origine as the diamonds.

We can’t reshape what we inherited, we can’t go back to the mines and bury it back, matter wins, matter has memory and remembers. We can’t control it even if we thought we could.