Cris Noguer.

Innovation guide, 2019

This second guide follows Guide No.1, printed in 2016. This first guide was about materials innovation and manufacturing processes,a search for luxurious materials. Luxury is an experience, largely based on the immaterial. So in this second guide, the focus is on scent as a global experience, understood as a part of a holistic sensory experience with the human body at its core. It sees luxury as knowledge, experience and time.

It sets store on the science behind the sense of smelling and takes it as a springboard for innovation and generating new ideas. This guide puts consumers at the center of our focus. We need to understand their needs and feelings and respond by generation of new emotions and excitement. The guide aims to stimulate new ideas. Everything is shown at the prototype stage, with no branding or specific project behind it. Hopefully it brings new tools to the table to help innovate and create distinctive products and memorable experiences. It is organized by the three most relevant senses for our industry: Sight, Touch and Smell. Its intention is to cover different areas, from household needs to retail excellence. The categories have become our research path, and the information is in constant evolution.

Graphic design by ODD
Illustration by Marc Torrent