Cris Noguer.

Authorship, 2016

A reinterpretation of three iconic lamps from the 19th century. L&B Gallery asked me to design a piece under the theme “Diseño Pieza Unica”. I took this opportunity to develop a project based on a set of illustrations of iconic design pieces I had previously explored. What motivated this work was a reactionary feeling after moving back to Barcelona from New York in 2014. I felt the design field and industry were stuck in a model that didn’t work anymore, where design was still considered to be for the elite, submissive to an inexistent industry and economy, and filled up with old paradigms.

The result is an interpretation of three iconic lamps, Bauhaus lamp 1924_ Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Carl Jacob Jucker, and AJ lamp 1960_ Arne Jacobsen, Cestita 1964_ Miguel Milá.

I collected free digital information of these lamps from the internet, 3D files, plans, measurements, illustrations and photos. With all this public information I deconstruct and reconstruct the objects following an axonometric view.
I physicalize the digital image by printing it with a Rolland cutter, where I modify the cutting tool for a drawing tool (common marker). The result of the image is a combination of my drawing and the machine’s drawing; this combination makes each drawing unique because the interaction between the machine and me is inevitably never the same.
The paper used is a Japanese paper, which I make translucent by applying heat. No other substance but heat is added to create the effect. This translucency allows the Oled light source placed in the back to glow through the paper, releasing a soft and smooth light. The heat also makes the paper a bit wavy, which I found was a gratifying consequence that adds an analogical feeling into this high-tech project.