Cris Noguer.

My work is on materials’ politics and material culture exploring imaginaries towards more livable futures through sensitive matter. At Research, you can see some of work-in-progress and at Applied Research  some projects done for companies, institutions, galleries and self-commissioned.
I’m a researcher at Institute of Political Materialities at BAU, and also at Holon, a coop. trying to evolve towards a degrowth society through everyday actions.
I’ve also been consulting for BDC, lecturing in most universities in Barcelona, curating summer workshops about experimentation and forms of knowing at TMDC and at Sonar+D with Shestem Project. I write on A*Desk, a critical thinking online magazine, and lately I curated five podcast on materials’ politics with Dublab.
During six year I lead the innovation department at Puig , where I linked science, innovation and critique to find new narratives, aesthetics and concepts within the olfactory sense industry.
It was thanks to my two mentors Jonsara Ruth and Allan Wexler at MFA Interior Design at Parsons the New School for Design that I could articulate my critique and enhance my experimentation skills. I applied this way of thinking back in Barcelona with Proyecto Algo , a space for critical design and experimentation with Pol Alert, Jordi Canudas, Rafel Oliva, Cristian Montecinos and Sander Wassink.
My background is in Industrial Design, and I first understood my interest for material while working at Universitat de Talca in Chile , during my years there I traveled the country learning about the idiosyncrasies of the territory, the materials and the systems by listening to craftspeople. Although, I was, truly, impacted by crafts and matter was in India while working at Jal Mahal with Siddhartha Das. It was a confusing time with equal feeling of amusement and injustice.